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by John F. Dillon



by John F. Dillon

In the later part of the twentieth century when management and workers became subservient to the accountant, the bottom-line became the rule of industry. No industry was more subservient to the bean counter's numbers than the Aerospace Industry.

The narrator takes us on a 135,000-word excursion where small businesses become companies and companies are swallowed by conglomerates.

In this descriptive narrative Dylan, a member of middle management in a small company on Long Island about to be purchased by a larger corporation, escapes to Florida only to find the realities of life are not deterred by location

We are introduced to Spenser, the leader with a Napoleonic ego; Nick, the father figure with a dream; Del, a man processed with inner demons; Allyson, a woman with a mission; Megan, who would sell her soul for advancement; Refern, the troublemaker, Elmer, the ambitious; and Will, the man whose emotions cloud his judgment. We meet their spouses, their co-workers and their supervisors.

We are shown one mans struggle against corporate intemperance in a world where loyalty and compassion are replaced with human frailties of fear, self-promotion, and subterfuge.

isbn # 978-1-4140-9021-4-6

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