Novels and Short Stories

by John F. Dillon

Teejus Journey


by John F. Dillon

Two boys are born to an alcoholic father and tubercular mother in the waning years of the great depression of the twentieth century.   The mother perishes before the brothers are out of infancy the boys are placed under the tutelage of a stern but caring, childless Aunt and Uncle.

Teejus Journey, is a descriptive narrative that follow the passage of the elder boy, Jackie Teejus from a youth dangling his feet from the bed as his mother is carried into quarantine, through the pains of adolescences and sibling rivalry and into maturity.

With youthful certainty, Jackie seeks escape in the military where he is confronted with the imperfections of a society where myth and deception are purged by reality.

Teejus Journey is a story that begins at a toddler's bedside, transitions into manhood and concludes in the ranting of an almost forgotten warrior.  


Soft cover isbn:  #978-4349-6807-4    
          e book: #978-4349-2785-9

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