Novels and Short Stories

by John F. Dillon


I hope you're in the mood to sit back and read an original short story?

My name's John F. Dillon. I have written a number of short stories that I copyrighted and offer free of charge for your online reading enjoyment. Simply click on any short story tab in the adjacent Navigation Panel and begin.

I have also provided tabs on the Navigation Panel to my published novels and invite you to peruse a synopsis of each. The novels may be purchased as an e-book, in hard cover, paperback and soft cover at your local book store and as well as internet book sites. They are also available for downloading to your PC, your Kindle , NOOK book, Android or other device.

For your ordering convenience a link (PURCHASE LINK)on the Navigation Panel contains publisher and ISBN identification. numbers.

My next endeavor is to incorporate a compilation of my short stories into a novel featuring stories told by patrons of a neighborhood tavern...The Whistle Stop.

I am also planning on assisting one of our nation's oldest Second World War Veterans and my scotch drinking friend "Buzz" Motley in putting to print his 102 years  of 'memories of life in the Twentieth Century'...including action in every major battle in Asian-Pacific Theater during the Second World War. This non-fiction tale will be titled 'Passage Notes'.

I hope you enjoy my short stories and will possibly purchase my novels.

Thank you,

John F. Dillon