Novels and Short Stories

by John F. Dillon


I hope you're in the mood to sit back and read an original short story?

My name's John F. Dillon. I have written a number of short stories that I copyrighted and offer free of charge for your online reading enjoyment. Simply click on any short story tab in the adjacent Navigation Panel and begin.

I have also provided tabs on the Navigation Panel to my published novels and invite you to peruse a synopsis of each. The novels may be purchased as an e-book, in hard cover, paperback and soft cover at your local book store and as well as internet book sites. They are also available for downloading to your PC, your Kindle , NOOK book, Android or other device.

For your ordering convenience a link (PURCHASE LINK)on the Navigation Panel contains publisher and ISBN identification. numbers.


I hope you enjoy my short stories and will possibly purchase my novels.

Thank you,

John F. Dillon